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Lotus is an international surrogacy and egg donation agency, offering all in house services of surrogacy since 2009

Swiss Couples , Lotus Surrogacy

Unlike other service providers, we move to where the best Doctors, the best clinics are.

We are not beholden to any one service; we do the running around for you to get the best out of your surrogacy package.

Although intended parents turn to surrogacy because of medical difficulties, surrogacy is in fact a legal procedure, not a medical one.

Understanding that surrogacy is a legal procedure helps you choose your surrogacy provider wisely!

Building good legal contracts for the process, having all contracts drafted and reviewed by our lawyers, that are well known in the fertility and family law filed, gives Lotus the advantage over other agencies.

In case of a Swiss national’s, choosing the right provider for surrogacy abroad, is even more important, due to Swiss laws related to surrogacy.

Swiss Couples , Lotus Surrogacy

Although Swiss laws has restrictive practice regarding the recognition of child relationships based on surrogacy, child relationship would be compatible with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The basic principle of the UNCRC is the well-being of the child. The Federal Council believes that, based on the UNCRC, Switzerland is obliged to consider all aspects in the balancing of child’s best interests.

The Swiss public policy is considered to be violated if the child’s welfare is not carefully examined when establishing legal parenthood.

UNCRC rules stipulate that the best interests of the child must be carefully clarified and that future parents must be able to look after a child and ensure surrogate rights were protected as well.

If the surety of the surrogate mother or the child has been violated, recognition can therefore be refused to a foreign child relationship.

The Swiss law will see birth certificate as only partially regulates parental rights but the final decision of the approval for the rights will be after the best interests of the child will be confirmed.

This is why for Swiss couples, it is most important to use an agency that will do all contracts according to the local laws, where the birth will take place, and that the agency protects surrogate rights, including her dignity.

Swiss Couples , Lotus Surrogacy

Lotus encourage intendent parents to be in good relationship with the surrogate and take an excellent care of all surrogates.

Lotus is owned by attorney Dana Magdassi that is working in the field of family law, immigration and surrogacy in the past 15 years.

Dana is well known for solving many legal issues, with her vast expired in this flied.

As being an agency with firm legal background, we are well familiar with all paperwork needed to help you get your birth certificate ASAP and will assist you in doing so.

Lotus provides full Assistance with all contracts and going home paperwork.

Lotus will help you providing all documents for your citizenship, as asked by you, ASAP.

Lotus liaise with SMs, also after birth, to help you get the necessary paperwork signed for your embassy ASAP so no delays in getting home.

Please allow us to accompany you on your journey to parenthood.

Lotus Family Team

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