Why Us?

Why Choose Us?

Lotus is an international surrogacy and egg donation agency, offering all in house services of surrogacy since 2009. Unlike other service providers, we move to where the best Doctors, the best clinics are. We are not beholden to any one service; we do the running around for you to get the best out of your surrogacy package.

Although intended parents turn to surrogacy because of medical difficulties, surrogacy is in fact a legal procedure, not a medical one.

Understanding that surrogacy is a legal procedure, helps you choose your surrogacy provider wisely!

Building good legal contracts for the process, having all contracts drafted and reviewed by lawyers, that are well known in the fertility and family law filed, gives Lotus the advantage over other agencies.

Lotus is owned by attorney Dana Magdassi that is working in the field of family laws, immigration and surrogacy for the last 20 years. Dana is well known for solving many legal issues, with her vast expired in this flied.

As being an agency with firm legal background, we are well familiar with all paperwork needed to help you get your baby passport after birth ASAP and will assist you in doing so.

Why Us? , Lotus Surrogacy
Lotus Surrogacy

We will accompany you through  

the whole journey of parenthood.

The benefits of going through Lotus as opposed to another agency are as follows:

  • A long history of dealing with IP’s from all over the world. Lotus have by far facilitated more surrogate births since 2009 than any other agency/clinic in Eastern Europe
  • Lotus have a comprehensive client management program where you are allocated a surrogacy coordinator who will step you through the process of surrogacy, what happens when and sends through detailed reports on your surrogate and your baby. Most other clinics/agencies don’t offer this or the service is lacking.
  • Lotus offer full transparency and will send you direct answers to your questions.
  • Lotus offer a westernized service to clients with good English speaking contacts.
  • Lotus offer a personalized surrogate support program for all of our surrogates to connect with one another to provide support, as well as access support services from Lotus. No other agencies or clinics offer this level of support to their surrogates.
  • Lotus offer a private-secret Facebook group for only Lotus intended parents to connect with other Lotus intended parents who are undertaking surrogacy with Lotus. There, you can offer and receive support and give and receive hints and tips about travel to your birth destination . Lotus have even been made aware of couples who have met up and organized to do things together while in abroad post birth of their babies!
  • Lotus offer a comprehensive information package about exiting  with your baby. It details step by step the information you need to complete on websites and how to organize DNA testing etc.

Specifically pertaining to other Clinics/agencies:

  • Their surrogate screening is not as comprehensive and the number of surrogates they reject is far lower than Lotus who have a more thorough recruitment process.
  • There are a lot of hidden costs with other agencies/clinics program. Lotus clearly identify what additional costs may arise, together with an estimation of those costs.
  • The waiting list for surrogates is much longer with other agencies. Lotus can supply a fully screened surrogate within 3-4 weeks.

Lotus will accompany you through your entire journey to parenthood, from finding an egg donor (if required), matching with surrogates, caring for your unborn child and surrogate and assisting you through the exit process till you are safe back home.

We will make sure all your questions are answered and that you receive reliable information from us and from our clinic partners.

Should you have frozen embryos/sperm at your home country, Lotus will help you ship them safely to our partner clinics.

Lotus will assist you with:

  • Matching you with a good surrogate
  • Matching you with an egg donor
  • Providing you with photographs of donors (IVF clinics will not show you these)
  • Organizing the surrogate program.
  • Taking care of your surrogate throughout the program and after birth
  • Organization of the birth of your child
  • Translation of information and documentation to English
  • Legal services
  • Coordination of logistics with our partner clinic, including appointments for and contact with your surrogate
  • Assistance to find accommodation 
  • Assistance with all logistics when abroad, after the birth of your baby
  • Assistance with paperwork after the birth of your baby: Birth Certificate and exit process according to your embassy requests
Why Us? , Lotus Surrogacy
Why Us? , Lotus Surrogacy
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